Getting Back on Track – Seared Tuna Salad

The title of this post is apropos for a number of reasons. Clearly, it’s been a long time since my last post – suffice it to say that I’m in my 3rd year of law school and getting married in June, so life was (and is) a little crazy.

I’m also having issues with my closet – namely, the freshman 15 that I avoided all through undergrad and the first year of law school has finally caught up to me. Ugh. Β I’m determined to “get back” to where I was pre-law school, so to the gym I went. I ran 1.5 miles on Monday, and in addition to stretches, I did 100 sit-ups and many, many crunches. My abs are still screaming, but I’m going to go back again tonight.

In addition to the gym, I’m trying to pay better attention to what I eat – and how much of it I eat. I love to cook, so healthy food shouldn’t be much of an issue, but my free time available to make things from scratch has been sorely limited lately. Some of my friends have been requesting pictures/recipes of my creations, so I thought I’d turn this blog into a place to post those, along with my random thoughts. I always threaten to quit law school and become a private chef, so I like to think my photos/recipes are worth posting. πŸ™‚

Recipe #1, at the request of my lovely friend Lili:

Seared Tuna with Tomato-Avocado Salad (1 serving each)


1 tuna steak, fresh/thawed (fresh is always better than frozen)

1tbsp olive oil

salt & pepper

skillet pan

This one is easy. Brush the tuna with the olive oil, and then season both sides with salt and pepper. (I like kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, but regular salt/pre-ground pepper work too, the flavor is just less intense). Heat the skillet over medium-high heat, once it’s hot, put the tuna in the pan. Wait until the tuna is cooked 1/3 of the way up the side (how long will depend on the thickness of the tuna steak, but it should be 3-5 mins) then flip. Take the tuna out of the pan once it’s cooked 1/3 the way up the other side. Let it rest for a minute or two before slicing.

This will leave the tuna medium-rare (warm pink center). For rare (cool pink center), flip when the tuna is cooked 1/4 of the way up the sides, for well-done (no longer pink, but white), flip when cooked 1/2 way up the sides.

If the tuna steaks look really large, just cut them in half, doing your best to make sure that they’re the same width/thickness on each piece, so that they cook evenly.


1 large handful Parisian salad mix (Spring mix works well too)

1/2 avocado

10-12 grape/small tomatoes, halved

2 tbsp. vinaigrette dressing (my fave is Brianna’s French Vinaigrette)

Slice the avocado into square chunks, mix with the rest of the ingredients.

I ate this with my current favorite beer (Rogue brewery’s Hazelnut Brown Ale) but it would be great with a citrusy white wine or a nice cold glass of water too!

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