I Love Hazelnuts

So I should probably confess at this point that I’m a very haphazard cook. I rarely measure anything unless I’m baking or making something completely unfamiliar. I get this foible from my aunt, who is a professionally trained chef. Whenever we cook together, she’ll tell me a list of ingredients and proportions, but if I ever ask “How much?” of an ingredient to add, I know the answer will probably be “I don’t know, some.” or “Until it looks right.”

The advantage to this is that I’m faster, because I don’t spend time meticulously measuring or weighing things, and if I get caught without an ingredient I can usually find something to substitute and figure out how much of it I need. On the other hand, every now and then I have a major disaster that’s completely inedible, and when people ask for recipes I’ve been known to reply that I don’t know what I did, I just “threw things in the pan.”

For weeks now, I’ve been promising myself that I’d find time to bake something breakfast-appropriate. I’m terrible at getting out of bed in the morning and I never eat breakfast before I leave the house, which means I spend waaaay too much time and money at Starbucks and Caribou Coffee. I had a great scone the other day, and I thought “I could make these, but better.” While blueberry scones are the traditional route, I love all things hazelnut, and I usually have a hazelnut latte or a cup of hazelnut flavored brewed coffee in my hand, so why not oatmeal hazelnut scones?

They’re still cooling in the pan, but I can’t wait to have one in the morning. I got the main recipe from another blog, but I changed it so much that I’m not going to list the recipe here (see what I mean about the haphazard, no-measuring cooking?) Instead, I’ll just post a picture of the finished product with a powdered sugar glaze and a few crushed hazelnuts (bear with me here, I’m not a photographer, and the lighting in my apartment isn’t great):

I had to use some hazelnut flavored syrup for this, which I didn’t have on hand, so I ran out to the store. I also stopped in at Sur la Table, because I can’t resist that place, and I found the cutest cupcake liners!

I have reusable silicone liners for when I make thing just for myself or my family/friends, but I’ve been baking for bake sales and work more often, and I used up the last of my boring old liners, so I couldn’t resist these πŸ™‚ Now I just need to decide what I’m going to bake so that I can use them…

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