Rainy weather = soup

Chowder is such a good comfort food. I went out with some friends Friday night, but had to cut my evening short due to the migraine from hell – so I needed some comfort on Saturday afternoon. Not to mention, it was rainy and gloomy most of the day, so some hot soup was definitely called for.

I found this lovely bacon and vegetable chowder recipe from Sweet & Savory via FoodGawker, one of my favorite sights to browse for recipes and inspiration.

I left out the cauliflower, bell pepper, and bay leaf (mostly because I didn’t already have them in my fridge/cupboard) but it still turned out great and I love that it has so many fresh veggies in it.

I love simple, fresh flavors and this really fit the bill. You may notice as this blog progresses that I hardly ever use spices other than salt and pepper in my food, and I almost never make sauces unless I’m cooking something like Indian food. I didn’t even have a bottle of ketchup until I wanted home-made chicken strips the other night. I mean, why cover up the flavor of something that’s already delicious?

My one exception to this is mustard – preferably the spicy stone-ground kind – which is delish on just about anything that comes on a sandwich or grilled.Β My fiance is a huge Sriracha fan, but I’ve never been a hot-sauce-on-everything kind of girl, and I’ve never understood people that dip everything in either ranch or BBQ sauce

Since I’m clearly condiment challenged, anyone have any recommendations for me to branch out a bit? .

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