Book Storage

After the last post, I thought I should share some photos of how I store all my lovely books. First, a confession: I love my books, but I absolutely hate them when it’s time to move to a new place. They look so pretty and compact on their shelves, but when you start putting them in boxes, they take up huge amounts of space and are very heavy – even the paperbacks.

Bookshelves in the living room, with our TV and video game consoles

Bookshelves in the living room, with our TV and video game consoles

The majority of my books are in the two bookshelves in our living room area, with our TV. We also have “our” (by which I mean the hubby’s) Xbox and Playstation 1. I occasionally play video games, so I actually like having them around (Assassin’s Creed and Ninja Gaiden are my faves.)

Cookbooks on top of the fridge.

Cookbooks on top of the fridge.

My cookbooks I keep in the kitchen for handy reference, and it’s nice to be able to use the top of the fridge, because let’s be honest, at 5’4″ and 5’5″ respectively, my hubby and I aren’t using that cabinet above the fridge for anything other than storing small-appliance boxes. I’ve purchased all the cookbooks except for the four on the right side. The three closer to the center were gifts, and the red binder all the way on the right is where I keep the recipes I print out from my favorite blogs or tear out of magazines. I was never a big fan of Martha Stewart, but the two Everyday FOOD cookbooks are the ones I use most. Ah, and the thin Food Network Kitchens Β “Making It Easy” cookbook is actually my second copy. I picked the first one up at Borders on their bargain shelf in undergrad for probably $3, and then lost it in a move. It was so good I looked around for another copy, and even paid the full $20 price tag for the second one (the mini cheesecake recipe in there is amazing.)

I still have a good number of books from law school, and the hubs has many engineering and medical reference books, all of which are stored together in his office on two old bookshelves that I bought at Target back in undergrad for, like, $15 each. The hubs’ office is currently a disaster zone, so no photos of that πŸ™‚

This also isn’t the full collection; I’ve lent out many books to friends, with the expectation that I may or may not ever see them again. Right now I’m missing several mysteries, a couple classic novels, and a cookbook full of international foods (I’m actually not even sure where the cookbook went). One of these embossers might help that – or at least it would be fun!

Book Embosser

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