Blank Canvas

No, not that kind of canvas. I can’t draw anything, including a straight line, to save my life – unlike my dear friend Addie, who is amazing at such things. This blank canvas is our apartment. Beige walls, off-white carpet, and tan tile in the bathroom. Snore.


This is the doorway to our bedroom, the wall that our bookshelves/TV are on, and the left side of our living room windows.


Our blank bedroom.


The “hall” area passing between the kitchen and the living area. The left door is the den/man-cave/office, and the right side door leads to the bathroom.

The main reason we chose this apartment over the others in the area is 1) it has an additional “den” that we could turn into our office/the hub’s man-cave 2) it has engineered hardwood floors in the kitchen/living room area. Score! I’m a sucker for hardwood floors – my last itty-bitty studio had parquet floors that have probably been there since the 1940’s, and they were awesome. Plus, since we were going to adopt a dog, wood floors seemed like a way better idea than off-white carpeting in every. single. room. I don’t know what it is with property management companies around D.C., but they love their pristine white carpeting. Too bad it never stays pristine.

Luckily, our kitchen has a fabulous light grey granite for the counters, and the cabinetry is a deep espresso color, not oak (thank goodness!). The hubs and I are planning to stay here until we can afford a house of our own, so we were willing to pay a bit more for a place that was a really good fit for us, rather than just wherever rent was cheapest. The general consensus among our friends and co-workers is that we pay too much in rent for the area – until they walk into our main room, at which point they all say “Yep, your rent is totally reasonable!”


Our living room windows. Yes, they’re floor-to-ceiling. There’s a matching set of windows in our bedroom, and our apartment is south-facing, so we get TONS of sunlight.


Our kitchen, before I added in my appliances and other goodies. As you can see, I came to the apartment showing (when I took these photos) with coffee in hand. Coffee is always a requirement. You can see the front door to the right, and the “hall” that connects this room to the living area is at the right end of the kitchen counter.

So far the only room that I’ve cleaned and taken photos of is the bathroom – which is good, because there wasn’t really a “before” photo of that room. Above the towel rack on the right, you can see the edge of a photo frame where I put this printable, which I made myself. I guess I can be a little artsy – when digital design programs are involved πŸ™‚ I put a white mat around it for a border, and it looks pretty cute if I do say so myself. You can find my Pinterest board with the link to the shower curtain and other goodies in our apartment on the My Favorites Page.

Bathroom with printable

Bathroom – with color! The lighting in here makes the paint look weird, but it’s the same beige as the rest of the apartment. the other photos are very true to the wall color. Also the tile is very much like the wall color, and not as yellow as it looks here.

As for the rest of the apartment, well, I’m working on it. I think there’s some sort of universal principle that whenever I clean the apartment something else happens and it a) doesn’t stay clean or b) I get really busy and don’t have time to document it’s neat cleanliness. Oh, and I have the previously posted photo of our bookshelves in the living room, which I’ll put here again, just for kicks.

Bookshelves in Living Room, with our TV and video game consoles

Bookshelves in Living Room, with our TV and video game consoles.

So much better than the blank before!


2 thoughts on “Blank Canvas

    • That would be so excellent! We definitely need something for our bedroom, the walls are completely blank except for a clock (our color scheme in there is blue, grey, and white πŸ˜‰ ). I got this huge mirror off Craigslist that I’m planning to hang over our futon/couch once I sand down the wooden frame and paint it silver. That’s an outdoor project though, so all this rain will have to stop before I can get it done.

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