Spring Has Sprung (sort of…)

The weather has been really nice in the DC area this weekend, so yesterday the hubby – who is finally back home! – and I spent some time cleaning and organizing. I brought home some cute daffodils from Trader Joe’s (for $2.50) and decided to pair them with this amazing candle I found at Target for a bright, Spring-y look next to our TV. The candle smells like fizzy lemonade and sunshine. Love!

Daffodils :-)

Daffodils πŸ™‚

Please ignore the fact that the flowers are in a fishbowl, I didn’t think to buy a flower pot for my cheap flowers, and none of my vases were wide enough, so I left the yellow wrapping on there and stuck the flowers in a fishbowl with some white and clear stones. I’m not crazy. It works.

Also, daylight savings time has hit. Make sure to set your clocks back and enjoy the fact that while we all lost an hour of sleep, the sun will be setting later!

Is anyone else doing some spring cleaning or warm-weather activities, or is it just us? We’ll be taking Abe to the dog park later to run around and play some fetch while the sun shines πŸ™‚


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