New Books!

I went on a bit of a book-shopping spree this weekend. I’ve been reading books from the Rogue Angel series  (by Alex Archer) on my daily commutes, and while they provide me with reading material, they’re not the best-written books ever. Just like the Cat Who series or the Mrs. Murphy series are “cozy mysteries” I would categorize the Rogue Angel series as a “cozy adventure” – a quick read, with a few archaeological or historical facts thrown in, but nothing amazing. So, I’m overdue for some new material. Here’s my haul for the weekend. At the B&N store I bought:

Out of OzOut of Oz, by Gregory Maguire – I have Wicked and Son of  Witch, so when I saw the hardcover of Out of Oz on the bargain shelf for $6.75ish,picking it up was a no-brainer. It’s been so long since I’ve read anything from the Oz series that I’m re-reading Wicked and Son of  Witch before I start in on Out of Oz, so I remember all the backstory, and there will hopefully be a book review post on all three coming your way around early April. I actually bought a second copy of Wicked this weekend too, because I lent my first one out and I’m not really sure who ended up with it…

Night CircusThe Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern – A tale of two competing magicians in a shadowy circus that only appears at night. I’ve looked at this book every time I’ve been in a bookstore for the last few months, so I finally decided to buy the paperback version. The guy at the checkout at B&N said that if I liked the Oz books, I should love The Night Circus, so we’ll see if he’s right.

MeatlessMeatless – Vegetarian recipes from the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living. This was one of the new cookbooks on my wishlist, and I’ve already paged through it. While it has a few good ideas, I have to say I’m not thrilled with the book overall. I looked for the Everyday Food Light cookbook while at B&N too, but they didn’t have it in stock, so I’ll have to check back next time or order it online. I may even try to return Meatless (I pretty much never return books) just because the only ideas that really jumped out at me are things that I’ve seen in my other cookbooks, so I don’t know that it adds any value to my personal food library.

While I was in B&N I also scouted a couple of books that looked interesting that I would rather have in Nook Book form, so I snapped a photo of each cover on my phone and bought them online when I got home:

Marlowe PapersThe Marlowe Papers, by Ros Barber – An interesting looking tale of Christopher Marlowe faking his own death and then ghostwriting a bunch of plays, under the name of William Shakespeare. I plan to write a book review on this one once I finish it, so I’ll keep you posted.

SplinteredSplintered, by A.G. Howard – A twist on the story of Alice in Wonderland – the book’s online listing explains the plot in more detail. This was in the YA Fiction section, but I’ve never been afraid to act like I’m still a teenager while in B&N, so why stop now, right?

I grabbed a copy of April’s issue of Southern Living – I’m by no means a southern belle (born and raised in IA, y’all) but I like the gardening content, home decor articles, and that it’s a little old-fashioned (what can I say, I’m a little bit of a housewifey-Betty Crocker some days, and this magazine fits that mood). I bought a copy of April’s HGTV magazine too – I actually just purchased a year subscription to HGTV Magazine because I really liked the February and March issues, but my subscription hasn’t started yet, and they had the most gorgeous teal dresser on the front cover. I like that they feature a mix of design styles and they have FAQs and source lists for different pieces of furniture every issue (the three I’ve read so far have covered table lamps, large decorative mirrors, and side tables).

I also checked out the new Nook HD while I was in the store, mostly out of curiosity. My 1st generation Nook (as in the first e-reader that B&N ever sold) is getting pretty beaten up, and they don’t sell covers in an appropriate size anymore, so I can’t replace the one I currently have, which is also beaten up. After checking them out, I really don’t like the idea of switching to an HD though, because it has a back-lit screen. I know this means I could read later at night without a light, and you can mess with the display so the contrast isn’t as high, but even with an anti-glare screen protector I hear it’s still hard to read in direct sunlight, and I’m a sun-worshiper in the summer, so that’s pretty much a deal breaker for me. What good is an e-reader if I can’t read it outside at the park? If anyone has a Nook HD or the equivalent Kindle, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts: upgrade, or deal with it?

(Sidenote – I won’t even consider an Ipad, that’s for sure. I’m hating my Ipod right now because when my old laptop died I transferred all my music and movies to an external hard drive, but now the movies won’t play on my new laptop. The music all transferred just fine, but something is wrong with the movie files, and of course, Itunes won’t let you re-download any of your old purchases, even if you still have the ability to authorize a new computer on your Itunes account. Basically, whoever thought up Itunes sucks.)

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