Favorite Things – Spring Edition

It’s finally starting to warm up in the D.C. area, and I for one am excited for Spring. Pretty dresses, sandals, flowers in bloom, and better running weather here we come!

In that spirit, here are some of my favorite things/things on my wishlist for the warmer weather:

This combo of a trench coat and an anorak is genius – trench-anorak

Hunter rainboots are a must for April showers – Hunters

I’ve been looking into the idea of getting a Fitbit One activity and sleep tracker; I’m a horrible insomniac and I’m trying to do more active things now that the weather isn’t horrendous – FitBit One

A pretty floral tank from Urban Outfitters – floral tank

Striped 3/4 sleeve tees. I didn’t buy this particular one, but I have at least 4 in varying colors. I hate full-length long sleeved shirts with a passion (I also really hate being cold, so if anyone can explain how those two go together, I’ll give you a cookie) so whenever I find a 3/4 sleeve that fits, I buy it in multiples – 3-4 sleeve tee

My hatred of long-sleeves and my corresponding love of 3/4 sleeves also explains my obsession with JCrew Factory’s Charley sweaters for work – Charley sweater

The horrible hound is loving the Chuck-It we picked up at the petstore. He loves a good game of fetch at the dog park – Chuckit

My favorite purchase for this Spring, though, is definitely a new mattress! The hubs and I also went out last night to shop around for a new mattress (our current one I bought as a law student, i.e. I bought the cheapest option that Sears had in a Queen size…) We were planning on buying something moderately-priced, but when we tested them all out in the store, the TempurPedic option was by far our favorite. As far as comfort goes, one of the standard pillow-top mattresses was just as comfortable for me, but the TempurPedic one had this amazing cooling material. You know that saying “cool like the other side of the pillow”? The whole mattress was like that.It was weird and yet awesome. The hubs gives off ridiculous amounts of heat, especially when he’s asleep under a blanket, so we decided to spring for the TempurPedic and see if we like it (although it was almost double the price of the pillowtop option). It’s being delivered sometime in the next two hours, so we’ll see how we like it. Thank goodness for 90-day trial periods!

Anyone else splurge on something for themselves or their home recently? Tell me I’m not the only one that is a little flexible with the budget for these kinds of things!

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