New Look and Functions

Hello lovely readers! You may have noticed a few changes to the blog layout, which went live on Saturday afternoon. I’ve kept the basic menu the same, but I changed the WordPress theme I use, so I could add a right sidebar with a bunch of nifty functionality. You can now search Barks and Baking, browse through the blog by archive date or category, and follow the blog via email (which is especially helpful if you’re not a WordPress user!) If you’re addicted to Pinterest like I am, you can click to follow me there too πŸ™‚

I’ve also included my bookshelves from GoodReads (Books I’ve Read, Currently Reading, and Want to Read) so you can see what I’m up to between book reviews and get suggestions for other books you might like. (Psssst! if you see something on my “read” shelf and you want to know my thoughts on it, just drop me a line in the comments section – I’m still deciding if/how I want to do a “Contact Me” page)

Let me know if you have any other suggestions, and enjoy!

❀ Sally


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