Random Things + A Birthday Wishlist

It’s been sweltering in the DC area for the last two weeks, which means Abe and I have had lots of play time inside, mostly consisting of Abe chasing his tennis ball around and whining when it gets stuck under the bed/dresser/futon. We’ve ventured to the dog park once or twice when it’s cool in the early morning or late evening, usually with a Starbucks stop on the way.

He gets such an intense look when I have his tennis ball :-)

He gets such an intense look when I have his tennis ball πŸ™‚

We chilled at Starbucks after some dog park playtime. The horrible hound enjoyed the shade and the cool(er) bricks.

We chilled at Starbucks after some dog park playtime. The horrible hound enjoyed the shade and the cool(er) bricks.

I spent an hour or so organizing our “pantry” Β cupboard – it had gotten out of control and I couldn’t find anything. Now it’s much better πŸ™‚

I’ve grabbed fresh flowers from the farmer’s market the last couple of weeks after my barre classes. The ones I got this Sunday are particularly pretty:


Dahlias from the farmer’s market

We’re still house hunting, but not super serious about it yet. I’m keeping an eye on the listings and we’re going to as many open houses as we can (with the hubs on military duty for the last 2 weeks, that has been 0…) and I’ve picked up a few interesting things so far during the process. For example, there is one particular layout with a fireplace that I keep seeing in the area we’re looking at, and they tend to be a bit smaller than I’d like, with low ceilings, but usually have a great backyard. Of course, some of these houses have been renovated better than others, and it gives us a sense of what is possible vs. not likely to work. Also, the houses I’ve had a major interest in have all been under contract within 2 weeks of being on the market, so when we find something we like, we’ll have to be prepared to put in an offer quickly. A friend in the area has recommended a buyer’s agent to me, so once we get closer to our actual house-purchasing time frame (Sept.- Oct. 2013) we’ll try to bring them in and get an actual pre-approval letter for the mortgage. We’ve done everything up to getting the letter thus far, but both the hubs and I will be promoted before Sept., so it makes sense to wait and count that bump in our income for the official approval process – not that we’re going to increase the price range we’re looking at, but it will make us look like better buyers to have an approval in excess of what we’re looking to spend, especially since a few of the houses under contract around us are back on the market after the purchaser’s funding fell through.

In other news, my birthday is coming up. I have a late August birthday, and the celebration is usually limited to me going out to brunch with a few of my favorite gal pals. The hubs isn’t really big on holidays/gifting, but last year I did get a bunch of gorgeous flowers delivered at work. This year I think I’ll just drop some hints about a few things I’ve had my eye on, but haven’t purchased for myself πŸ™‚

FitBit One

A Fitbit One – I’m trying to be more active, and this would be a great way to keep track. Plus, I’m a horrible insomniac and this thing will also analyze your sleeping habits!

Sand LocketThis locket – It’s been on my list since Christmas, but when my parents gave me a gift card for it, the sand color I liked was sold out. It’s back in stock and therefore back on my list.

Anthro Persephone Tank

This amazingly cute and colorful striped tank at Anthropologie – because I need a little more color and pattern in my wardrobe.

Of course, with it being so hot I’ve been spending plenty of time indoors, which for me means reading, so there are a couple new book reviews in the works. How are you staying cool this summer?

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