My Green-ish Thumb

I made a delicious caprese salad for dinner tonight – with basil from my own basil plant. πŸ™‚

I’ve always been pretty good with growing plants outdoors. I planted a garden my second year of law school Β (the only year I had a yard), and it did really well, considering that the soil in our area wasn’t very good. Indoor plants are a different story though. I haven’t been able to keep the last 4 or 5 alive for more than a few weeks before they shrivel up and die on me. I finally decided to do a little more work, and got slightly bigger pots, good quality potting soil and some fertilizer spikes, and used them to re-pot a basil plant and a mini dahlia plant from Trader Joe’s. I’m happy to report that these two plants are still going strong after 2 months!

I accidentally knocked this one over with the vacuum and broke the pot, so it’s temporarily living in a glass measuring cup…

I’m already looking forward to planting a garden once we have a house. I just hope the Horrible Hound won’t get into it! He really likes to “bury” his half-eaten bones in the blankets on our couch , so I’m a little worried that he’ll like to bury things in the yard too…

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