Impromptu Vacation

If any of you have read the little “About Me” blurb on my right sidebar, you’ve seen that I’m a government attorney. More specifically, I work for a federal agency in a sector of employment law that practices before an administrative court. Normally, it’s great. I don’t have to worry about billable hours, drumming up clients, or having tons of stressful court-filing deadlines. I get cases from anyone who wants to file a claim under my particular area of law, I investigate it, and I decide whether there’s a violation of the law or not. If I think the law has been violated, I try to settle with the employer or file suit in court (which is pretty rare, usually we settle and get the claimant at least part of what they’re asking for.) I have a great, if small, group of co-workers, and we get meritorious cases often enough that I feel like I’m really helping people out.

On the downside, my job is subject to the vagaries of Congress. Back in March, when the sequestration took effect on all government agencies, our agency lost such a big chunk of our budget that several people were dropped from full-time to part-time, including myself. It was certainly better than being fired, but losing 20% of my hours (and therefore 20% of my paycheck) strained our finances a bit, particularly because it was summer, the season of travel and weddings, and because we were shopping for a house. Now the government is in shutdown – for who only knows how long – so I won’t be working (or getting paid) until that changes.

If the shutdown lasts more than a week I’ll probably look for a part-time job in the area and try to find some pro-bono work to do with a local charity now that I’m actually a licensed attorney. Β Until then, to keep myself from going crazy from boredom I want to focus more on my blogging. If there’s anything you’d like to see or hear from me in the next week or so, let me know in the comment section! Here’s my to-do list so far:

– Bake some banana-nut bread and other treats and post the recipes/how-to (I’m not sure yet, but I’ll also probably make some oatmeal-raisin cookies, which are the cookie of choice in our home, and maybe something chocolate-y too, because my sweet-tooth is going crazy lately.)

– Bake some dog treats for the horrible hound. I have some adorable bone-shaped cookie cutters and a few different recipes bookmarked on my Puppy Pinterest page.

– Review at least two new books. There are a few genres I read regularly that haven’t really been represented in my book reviews thus far, so I’d like to catch up on that. I’ll also post a list of the not-yet-released books that I’m impatiently waiting for.

– A post on what to do in D.C. (not that you can do most of it with the shutdown in effect, but still…)

– Look into setting up utilities for the new house. We’re supposed to close near the end of the month, so it’s something that needs to get done anyway

– Repot the plants I took home from my grandfather’s funeral earlier this summer

– Mend a few garments (I have a sewing pile that I just never seem to get around too – hems that are coming undone, buttons that heed to be re-fastened, etc.)

– Clean out my closet and donate the items I no longer wear/that no longer fit to charity. I may try to sell a few of my nicer pairs of jeans, I have several pairs of nearly-new Silvers left over from when I worked retail. I also want to post a list of the “holes” in my closet – things I wish I had that I’m on the lookout for whenever I go shopping. I got the idea for this list from my favorite fashion bloggers (Kendi Everyday, Franish, and Putting Me Together)

Any other suggestions? Is anyone else taking an unscheduled vacation like me?

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