The House is Almost Ours!

Y’all. We’re only 2 weeks away from closing on our first house! It’s really (finally) starting to hit home that this is happening. I’m really excited, but not looking forward to packing. Oddly enough, I don’t mind un-packing at all, I just hate packing. Here’s the plan for the next 14 days or so:

Schedule a moving truck rental

Move utilities for the house over to our names

Schedule a cleaning service to really scour the house the day after we close – because of our schedule/our realtor’s schedule, we’re actually closing a day and a half before we plan to move our stuff, and 4 days before we have to be out of our apartment. I love having some wiggle room so everything doesn’t have to be done in 1 day. I got a sweet deal from Groupon, otherwise I’d be doing all the scrubbing myself (I do still have to clean the apartment before we turn in the keys. Sigh.)


Plead with friends to help us move so it doesn’t take alllllll day

Pick out some light blue, grey, and white paint colors and get sample pots to test on the walls as soon as we get the keys! (The kitchen walls are currently lime green, the master bedroom is a powder blue/chocolate brown combo, and let’s not even talk about the Nascar-themed bathroom in the basement…)


Pull out all the poison ivy in the front yard so the hubs doesn’t have a major allergic episode

Get some pumpkins and carve them for Halloween (we’re in the suburbs, so of course we have to pass out candy and have some spooky cobwebs and music – Target dollar spot here I come.) We were going to throw a Halloween party for our friends instead of a traditional “housewarming” type shindig, but with the government shutdown still happening, we’re going to have to postpone the party. Sometimes it sucks to be a responsible adult. This also means the next few things on my list will have to be pushed back until I’m actually working again.

Scour Craigslist for coffee tables, end tables, and an extra dresser for the guest room.

Pick out a couch for the basement.

Get a grill with leftover wedding gift cards (Maybe? We have a ton of $ left for Menards, so we might use it for this.)

I know that moving is always a money-suck, but I’m hoping we can get creative and keep the miscellaneous purchases to a minimum for the first month, just to we can see what’s really necessary. Anyone else getting bummed out by this shutdown business? Got any fun tips or tricks to help me move without wanting to tear my hair out?

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