Closet Necessities

I’ve shared a few of my basic closet staples here and here, but today let’s talk more about my closet in general. I wasn’t really into clothes or fashion until I hit college. My bestie and freshman year college roommate (who got married this past weekend!) would be the first to tell you that I moved in to our dorm room with almost no clothes. I’m pretty sure she asked me why I left so much stuff at home, and my reply was “I didn’t, these are all my clothes.” She was equal parts horrified and impressed. Then as a summer job I started working at American Eagle and I stayed there for 3 years before taking an assistant manager’s spot at Maurices. Since I got such a sweet discount at both stores and I had to wear at least a few items from their lines while working, I started buying a lot more clothes. I also consciously tried to stash things away in my closet for after graduation. I had lots of jeans and tees, a few dresses, and a couple of nicer blouses and pairs of shoes, so I thought I was covered. Things I really didn’t own at that time, though, were an actual suit, dress pants, or any workout gear at all (yeah, I know, not even yoga pants!).

When I moved to DC for law school I basically stopped shopping, but after packing on the 1L 20 (like the freshman 15, but more because you’re older…) I had to go out and find new jeans, new basic tops, etc. Plus, what was considered “dressy” in Iowa was nowhere near dressy or business appropriate in D.C. When I started interning and working post-graduation, I had to have business appropriate attire. I’ve been out of school for a little over a year at this point, and I have a good handle on my wardrobe, but there are definitely some gaps I’d like to fill, while trying not to go too crazy and spend lots of $$$.

Some of the fashion bloggers I follow, like the lovely Franziska over at Franish, keep a list of “holes” in their closets – things they need to complete an outfit and don’t have or just things that would add to the versatility of their wardrobes. I think this is a fabulous way to look at it, although there are some holes that never seem to go away (I’ve worn through more black cardigans and black ballet flats than I can count at this point). So, here is my current list. I keep it handy in a note-taking app on my phone so I can add to it or delete items as needed (I use OnePunch, in case anyone cares), and I always have it available when I go shopping.

2-3 colorful printed short-sleeve tops or tank tops, for layering under cardigans and blazers

Grey work pants

Colorful work pants (preferably cobalt blue- I already have 2 black pairs, one dark purple pair and a black polka-dotted pair)

Grey pencil skirt

Cobalt pencil skirt

2-3 patterned short-sleeve or 3/4 sleeve dresses

Cognac riding boots

Black riding boots

Black flats

Red flats (or a similar fun color)

Leopard print heels/wedges

Red or Cobalt heels/wedges

Long necklace

Bracelets/ a ring for dressing up/going out

Fall jacket

Most of my list right now is shoes and boots, because I’ve had to toss a several pairs that were scraggly beyond belief and/or worn all the way through the soles (I do a lot of walking). I also definitely need a few tank tops or cap-sleeve shirts in fun prints – nothing too busy, just something with a bit of color. I have tons of plain colored tanks and sweaters, but I’m having a really hard time finding patterned tops I like. Here are some of the things I’m liking right now that fit into my list (you can find links to each item on my Fun Things board on Pinterest):

J.Crew Factory - Factory intarsia Charley sweater in polka dot

 JCrew Factory Charley sweater in polka dots

Night Perfume Floral Blouse at #Ruche @Ruche

Night Perfume Floral Blouse at Modcloth

Kendall Raglan V-neck Dress from Fossil

Kendall Raglan dress at Fossil (no longer available online, but may still be in stores)

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Long Anorak Coat -Assorted ColorsMossimo Long Anorak at Target  (I’d actually get the gray color)

Calgary Hill Ring @Ruche

Calgary Hill Ring at Modcloth

French Enameled Lockets

Enameled Locket in Sand at Beklina (yes, this is still on my list!)

Leopard mid round toe - Dorothy Perkins $35

Leopard Mid-heel at Dorothy Perkins

Scrunch Ballet Flat in Black - VS Collection

Black cap-toe hidden heel flat at Victoria’s Secret

FREEDA FLATS - Lucky Brand. I love the bit detail!

Freeda flats from Lucky Brand

On the Wedge of Glory in Blue - Blue, Solid, Work, Graduation, Wedge, Minimal, Mid, Variation

On the Wedge of Glory wedges from Modcloth

ELEVATED COGNAC women's boot - Steve Madden

Steve Madden Elevation boot in Cognac

Now that Fall is officially here, I need to actually get boots and the jacket, but the other items I’ll pick up here and there whenever I find them or when there’s a good sale. Is anyone else looking for wide-calf boots? Let me know if you find some good ones!

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