We’re Moving!


We closed on our house this afternoon and got the keys! It still doesn’t quite feel real. We’ve rented a moving truck for Saturday and will be spending the rest of today and tomorrow finishing up the packing. I hate packing, but I love unpacking and organizing, so at least I have something to look forward to!

I took a bunch of “before” photos at our final walk-through this morning, and I want to snap a few more once we finish unpacking so everyone can see the “stage 1” photos. Here’s a question for y’all though: should I put a House Tour tab at the top of my blog? I do have a few DIY/renovation type posts planned, but they certainly aren’t the main focus of the blog (that of course, is books and food, with the occasional appearance by the Horrible Hound).


3 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

    • So glad you commented – I hopped on over to your blog and I’m adding you to my reader asap. I’ll be happy to post a house tour and you should totally do one too! The bits of your house I can see in your project photos look gorgeous!

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