Decorating the House

We’ve been in the house for two weeks now and we got the final* boxes unpacked yesterday morning – just in time to have a few friends over for a housewarming party in the afternoon.

We haven’t set up our bed frame, because I’d like to switch it out for something simpler. We have an Ikea Lervik frame now, and we had another Ikea frame in mind for the upgrade, but sadly they stopped selling it (this one that the couple from 7th House on the Left has in their guest room.) The Lervik frame sits really high and Abe doesn’t like to jump that high to get onto the bed, so he’ll sit there and whine until one of us picks him up and puts him in bed (yes, he’s super spoiled.) Under-bed storage is no longer a priority, since we have multiple closets and a utility room, so a lower bed frame would be really nice.

We managed to snag a free mattress and box-spring from a friend’s parents when they upgraded their set, so the guest room has one, and only one, piece of furniture πŸ™‚ and I think hope we’re done buying furniture until the New Year. There are still lots of projects on my list though. I’ve already got several sample sizes of paint for the bathrooms and basement living space, some spray-paint for a few more projects, and I’m on the lookout for some cool throw pillows and a few decorative objects.

One thing I know we need is more art on our walls, so I’ve been playing around with a couple of quotes that I love. Here’s a handy printable of one of my favorites that will be going in my office (font was free from the lovelyΒ Jenna Sue):

The More That You Read print - Barks and Baking

* I say “final” boxes, but there are still a few hanging around. Right now our TV is on top of our Ikea Expedit bookshelves, which normally hold all my books (and yes, they’re full!) We want to mount the TV above our fireplace, but there is some work we have to do first, involving a chimney sweep and a new mantel. The hubs was really not into putting all the books into the bookshelves just to move them again when we move the TV, so the books are all still boxed and are currently sitting in my office. But those don’t count, right? Right?

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