My Office Plans

I’m writing this while I wait for some spackle to dry in my office so I can sand it down and start painting! Watching spackle dry isn’t very much fun, so I figured I would update y’all on what I’m planning for this space. My ideas have changed since I posted some initial thoughts here. I found this great photo on Pinterest that is pretty close to what I think my space will end up looking like (but with slightly brighter colors).

Looks a lot like the plans I have for my office: light grey walls, white furniture, pops of color.

I picked up two barrister’s bookcases off Craigslist and put one in my office and the other in our dining room, where it’sΒ being used as our liquor cabinet (priorities, people πŸ˜‰ ) The one upstairs is made of a dark oak-ish veneer, which happens to go very nicely with the table and chairs we purchased from a friend’s parents, so I’m leaving it as-is for now. The one in my office, on the other hand, is a cherry veneer and is in pretty shabby condition, so I want to paint it white like the one on my inspiration board below.

Home Office

Here are the sources: Mousepad, Desk, Filing Cabinet, Dr. Seuss Print, Rug, Light, Painted Chair Tutorial. I also have a few additional things pinned here.

Then, it’s all about painting the walls so they no longer look like this

This is the wall right above where my desk is. Not pretty to look at.

Looks like someone got a little angry with the drywall…

and adding in some wonderful pops of color like these stools

Colorful benches under white console table.

or this table

coco kelley sherwin williams painted console

I’ll post some progress photos as soon as the paint dries, but in the meantime, do you lovely readers have any must-haves for your office? After 3 years of studying at home in law school I have a pretty good handle on what I like to keep around my desk area for work purposes, but now that I’m starting to buy craft supplies and lots of house-related stuff I think I’ll have to tweak my system a bit. I also have a lot more room to work with, so for the first time I can incorporate things into my office that aren’t just law books, binders, tape flags and highlighters.

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