The Library

I feel like Belle.

After painting our main living space in the basement, my husband asked if we could move our couch, which meant moving the large Ikea bookshelves that had been holding our TV (the plan is to eventually level out our crooked mantel and mount the TV above it). The problem with this new layout was that there was no longer room for the bookshelves. So my wonderful husband suggested that we move them into the upstairs living area because “you’ve always wanted a library, so why don’t you just make that room your library – you can read in the sunshine by the bay window.” I swear, he wins spouse of the year for that one. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and my eyes teared up.

So friends, I now have my very own library in our house, which makes me beyond excited! After we hauled the shelves upstairs I immediately got around to unpacking all my books. Now that the shelves are no longer housing the TV, the Xbox, and the dog toy basket, I even have a bit of additional shelf space to fill! We definitely need to find a few more pieces of furniture before I can really curl up to read though. Here’s what I’m thinking.


I already have the curtains, the rug, and of course the big Expedit Ikea bookshelves, but we need some entryway type storage, because the “hall closet” is actually in the main hallway all the way across the “library” from the front door. I also want a comfy settee/loveseat to put near the bay window (unfortunately the window casing is too high for a window seat, otherwise you know that would be on my list, even if it meant the neighbors would be able to see me hanging out in our front window.) I also have a huge mirror, courtesy of Craigslist, that I plan to update by spray painting the frame, which I think would look really nice flanked by a couple of water colors like thisΒ one from seller LouiseArtStudio on Etsy.

Eventually we’re going to redo the kitchen and dining room areas by taking out the wall that separates them from each other and the library and installing a large island. That will make the library and the kitchen one big great-room, so I want to pull some grey and some yellow into the library now, maybe even a bit of red and lime green, so that it will tie together well with all of my very colorful kitchen items later on.

Photos of the new paint job in the basement are forthcoming – it’s been rainy and cloudy here all week, which means no natural light and no way to take a good photo of the new paint color.

If you were a Disney character, who would you be? The nerd in me says Belle, for her awesome floor-to-ceiling library, but my favorite character growing up was always Jasmine – I mean, who doesn’t want their own pet tiger?

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