Library Update & Christmas Decorations

The bookcases have been moved, the books are unpacked, and I even managed to throw in a little Christmas decor. Let’s look at the progress of my new library, shall we?

Here’s what the bookcases looked like in our last place

Bookshelves in Living Room, with our TV and video game consoles

And here’s where the library started in this house

7 - formal living from kitchen doorway

After a little re-arranging, this is where we are nowΒ (apologies for the lighting, it was really cloudy all week, so I did my best)

Those awesome chairs are extras from a “thrifted” dining set we picked up from a friend’s parents who wanted to get rid of it. I plan to re-cover the cushions as some point, but I kind of love the retro 70’s feel the chairs have.

Detail shot. Shout-out to the fabulous YHL! I wanted something to go in that frame, but I didn’t have any photos I liked, so I used a stencil to create some fish-scale art on green paper. I think it’s rather festive when paired with the red plant container ($3 from Trader Joe’s this Spring, including the little succulent!)

While I was busy putting all this away, I figured I could take out our few holiday decorations as well. Because our previous apartments were so small, we only have this garland (which is pre-lit) and the ornaments on it, plus two strings of white LED lights.

Β I haven’t decided where the lights are going yet, maybe our front porch railing? We’re traveling back to the Midwest for Christmas, so we won’t be getting a tree this year, and I think I’m going to wait for all the big after-holiday sales to grab some more Christmas decor, but I have a few ideas of what I want. I prefer really simple, easily store-able decorations, and I’m not really a fan of knickknacks (as you might notice by the top of the bookcase, which is significantly lighter on “decorative objects” than most styled bookcases you’ll see on blogs. Plus, I just have too many books to be able to fit a bunch of decorations in there. πŸ™‚ )

I think this wreath, hung by a bright red ribbon with a bow, would be really cute on our front door

For the front door, with a red ribbon.

I also really like this pre-lit porch decor set. The two trees and garland would be just right for our little front stoop, and I could put the wreath on the basement by the fireplace.

4-Piece Pre-Lit Pine Porch Decoration Kit - Clear Lights

Cute stocking holders for our mantel (I’d get the silver, of course)

Β Snowflake Stocking Holders

And these little votive candle holders would be perfect for in between the stockings.

Threshold Joy Votive Holder set of 4

Since we don’t really have any decorations, I feel a little bit like I’m Grinch-ing out on Christmas this year, but since we only moved into the house a month and a half ago, I feel like we’re doing pretty well! Speaking of which, I think I’m going to take a mug of cocoa and go watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Anyone else still building up their holiday decor? What are your must-haves? We don’t even have stockings here (they’re still at my parent’s house because we’ve gone home every year for the holidays!)