My Favorite Piece of Jewelry

Ring 3

I get a lot of comments on my vintage engagement ring, which is a rather non-traditional setting that my husband bought from an antique jewelry dealer through The antique dealer wasn’t able to give us much information on the ring, but there was a maker’s mark inside the band, and I was pleased to learn that the company that originally made the ring – Jabel – has a historian who will look into a ring’s history.

See the story of my ring (along with a few details of our wedding) here:

I have to confess that I picked the ring out myself (as one of several possibilities that I showed to my then-boyfriend, I left it to him to actually choose one when he decided it was time!) I’m not big on surprises, and I loved the idea of a vintage ring. What about you, my lovely readers? Do you prefer for items like this to be a surprise, or do you like to be involved in the purchase?