Almost Christmas

I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks until Christmas! Thanksgiving seems like it was just last week, and of course I’m not done with my Christmas shopping yet. I have 2 gifts I’d like to make tomorrow, one more that I need to pick up from the store and mail out, one I need to order online, and two to pick up and wrap. Yeah, so basically I’ve barely started… I only have 2 complete gifts and 2 part-gifts sitting in my office.

The hubs actually got his present already – it was new clothes that he *really* needed, hence the early gift. He’s super hard to find pants for though, and the ones I picked out aren’t a good fit, so I need to try and exchange them out for something better :-/

I also ordered holiday cards for the first time ever this year! The website I used was advertising that they would be delivered by Friday (12/20) if you ordered this weekend, but at checkout the delivery date said 12/23, so we’ll see if they get here in time for me to get them sent out or not. I wanted to have them done weeks ago, but getting the hubs and the horrible hound to sit still long enough to take a good photo is nearly impossible (I had to wait for this afternoon, when a friend was over and could play photographer). Here’s a sneak peek:

My plan is to show you the card and do a review of the site once I get them. I also need to clean up and take some photos of the new paint/layout in the basement living room – it looks so much better already!