Checking In

Hi there, my lovely readers! (Oh, there’s only one of you… OK. You know you’re the coolest, right? Excellent. Moving on.)

It’s been a long time, but let me assure you that several draft posts are in the works and you can look forward to:

1) A tutorial on making roman shades. I’m too cheap for what stores like Target or West Elm charge for window dressings and we have a whole house full of windows to cover! It hasn’t been an issue thus far, as we already had (temporary) curtains for our bedroom, and nicer ones for the main living room, but the hubs’ family are coming to stay in 2 days and they’ll be actually using the guest room and my office as bedrooms. So, curtains! I like the idea of roman shades because of the shape of our windows (wider than they are tall) and I can make them a bit sheer while still giving privacy and the option to let lots of daylight in. I’ll get more into specifics once I have some of these bad boys hung up and working (hopefully…)

2) We built a kegerator and we’ve brewed 3 batches of homemade beer so far. I need the hubs’ engineering expertise to help me with this post, but it’s coming! We love beer, and a kegerator is way more economical than all the bottles we’ve been going through, especially at the rate that we’ve been hosting game nights.

3) Book reviews galore coming up. I’ve won a couple of Goodreads First Reads giveaways (free books, y’all!) and I also signed up for NetGalley the other day when I was home sick from work. I already have 9 books to read from NetGalley! Someone please explain to me why I didn’t start blogging for free books, like, 10 years ago? I love it. I’ve always thought that the book buyers for places like Barnes & Noble had the coolest job, and now I’m getting access to all the ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) and promo copies just like they do, and ITS SO COOL!!! Not going to lie, I got an advance copy of Rita Mae Brown’s new Mrs. Murphy mystery and it made me feel like a legit publishing exec. Review a brand new book from one of my favorite authors, for free? Don’t mind if I do πŸ™‚

Abe is totally going to help me review all these books.

4) We had an appointment with a kitchen designer at Home Depot. Combined with the playing around I did in IKEA’s planner, I think we now have a good idea of where our kitchen is headed, we just need to find all the money for it! There will be a few different posts coming as we really start to dig in to this project.

5) I’ve perfected my hazelnut scone recipe, and I have waaaaaay better pictures than the last time I wrote about them. Yum.

6)Β If the weather cooperates, there may also be a post on putting together some raised garden beds. I’ve started my seeds indoors already, but the very next day we got another 4-6in. of snow, so who knows how long it will be before I can move them outside :-/

What did you all get up to this February? Does anyone have any good homemade roman-shade advice for me?

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