DIY Anthropologie-esque Garden Tools

These amazingly cute garden tools caught my eye at Anthro a while back, and I Pinned them to my Gardening board.

Ash Wood Garden Tools  #anthropologie

But $40? For something that’s going to get covered with dirt? I knew I could do better, plus I was planning to pick up some craft paint in a similar color for another project. So I snagged a trowel and a hand-rake at my local ACE Hardware and gave them a little paint job! (I love ACE – they have everything! And no, I am not being paid or perked, I’m not a cool enough blogger for that… yet.)




Here are my supplies: Fine grit sanding block, GooGone, a wide-width craft brush, and 2 bottles of Martha Stewart craft paint that I found at Michaels (in Beach Glass and Champagne). First I removed the price labels and used the GooGone to get rid of any remaining residue, and I wiped the handles down with a paper towel and a bit of water. Once they were dry again, I sanded the handles a little bit so the paint would adhere, then I used the Champagne craft paint to fill in the “ACE” red logo, which wasn’t really going to match my vision (sorry, ACE.) It took two light coats to make the red less noticeable, but I wasn’t going for complete coverage because I knew I’d have to do at least 2 coats of the blue paint to cover the wood.



I took some scissors to a plastic egg carton to make props so that the handles wouldn’t touch the newspaper as they dried. To get the look of the Anthro tools, I used painter’s tape (not pictured) to mark a line about 1 1/2 to 2 inches below the metal part of the tools, and I painted everything below that line in 4 thin coats of Beach Glass, until I had the desired coverage. After peeling off the painter’s tape, I thought they could use just a bit more bling, so I added a small band of the Champagne color where the blue paint met the wooden part of the handle (it took about 4 thin coats for this color too.)




Voila! My own super-cute garden tools! I love that you can still see the embossed ACE logo, but none of the red remains 🙂 I already had everything on hand except for the tools themselves and the craft paints, so this little project cost around $21 ($7.50 each for the tools, and around $3 each for the paints.) Not too shabby, huh? I’m planning to add a clear-coat to the top (a clear spray enamel from Rustoleum that I also picked up at ACE) to protect them from my dirt-filled gardening activity, but that will have to wait until it’s nice enough outside for spray paint. It could happen this weekend, but more likely will have to wait until mid-April. I’m so ready for spring, and goodness knows our house needs a spring cleaning!


So, what do you guys think of my first Anthro hack? Is anyone else seriously ready to get started with their spring activities?!


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