Bloggers Who Get Me

Have you ever read a blog post by someone else and immediately thought, “Yeah! That’s exactly what I needed/wanted!”? I’ve had several of those moments lately, and they’ve left me really inspired to do some things that I normally wouldn’t.  I thought I’d share some of my recent “ah-ha!” moments with you all 🙂

1. This locket DIY at The Sweetest Digs. I’ve had a similar locket from Beklina on my wishlist for a while now, but I haven’t pulled the trigger because when I have the extra money, they always seem to be out of the color I want, so I use the funds for other closet-related items (like this awesome anorak). Now I think I’ll just find an old locket at a flea market or on Etsy and do the enameling part myself. The biggest perk is that I’ll be able to totally customize the color, and I might even be able to make more than one!

2. The decorating formula at The Happy Homebodies. As we buy more furniture, linens, and art for our new house, I’ve been trying to make everything cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. This “formula” is actually exactly what I’ve been doing (colors and all!) except that I didn’t really plan it, I’ve just been grabbing stuff I like! I’m hoping this formula will make it easier to identify what finishing touches we’re missing. It should also come in handy when we’re planning the overall design for our kitchen reno!

2. The cookbook challenge at Carrots N Cake. I feel like I’ve been making the same 4-5 things on repeat for the last two months, and I’m ready to get out of that rut! I have plenty of cookbooks with lots of tabbed meals that I want to try, so this will be a good motivation to actually make them. Also, the hubs isn’t really a cooked-fish fan or a salad guy (two of my favorite things!) but his doc just told him he needs more “roughage” (a.k.a. rabbit food/salads/veggies) and omega-3’s in his diet, so now I have the perfect excuse to cook some of the recipes I’ve been holding off on. My plan is to do a loose weekly meal plan around a few of these recipes and grocery shop based on that. Hopefully there will be a few blog-worthy meals from this little project 🙂 I actually made a new recipe last night (this parmesan spinach orzo)  I just added some halved cherry tomatoes to it. It’s not technically from one of my cookbooks, but it was delish! I baked 2 pieces of salmon to go along with the orzo and then I wolfed it down before I remembered to take a photo … my bad.

4. Young House Love in general, but specifically their showhouse for Habitat for Humanity. I’m hoping to go see this in person, but just the photos they’re posting have already given me so much design inspiration! Plus, I met them at their D.C. book signing, and they really are the quirky sweethearts they seem like online 🙂

Do you have any favorite posts from a blogger who just gets you? Feel free to mention one of my posts 😉

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