Watercolor Apps = Instant Decor

Friends, have any of your used a watercolor app like Waterlogue? They’re amazing! I’m slowly gathering art to put on our walls, and Waterlogue has helped me create two of my favorites! (This post is in no way sponsored, I just really love the results I got with this app.)


House Watercolor

We have this photo in a white frame next to our front door, and it was the first thing my in-laws noticed when they came to visit!

Hound Watercolor

I think Abe looks especially distinguished in watercolors, don’t you?

The oneΒ bummer is that the Waterlogue App is only compatible with iPhone, not Android, and their website says they have no intention of coding an Android version 😦 I have – and love! – and Android phone, so I had to have the hubs download the app for me on his iPhone5c. I take the photos with my phone and then the ones I want to turn into watercolors, I’ll send to him via text or email. This is definitely the best watercolor app I’ve ever seen though, and it’s totally worth the $2.99 if you have access to an iPhone!

What do you have framed in your house? Any suggestions for other fun art to put on our walls? Have you tried Waterlogue or another watercolor app?

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Apps = Instant Decor

  1. This is so awesome! I need to check it out. It would be so cute to take a picture of the new house. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!


  2. This app is so addictive. Everything just looks so much cuter in watercolor!

    (If you’re interested, I’m giving away a pair of Emma McKinstry earrings valued at $70. Enter here.)

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