Book Review! The Maggie Hope Series by Susan Elia MacNeal

So I know I just posted my new favorite series list oh, 2 weeks ago, but I already have another one for you. The Maggie Hope books by Susan Elia MacNeal.

Mr. Churchill's Secretary (Maggie Hope Series #1)

Princess Elizabeth's Spy (Maggie Hope Series #2)

His Majesty's Hope (Maggie Hope Series #3)The Prime Minister's Secret Agent (Maggie Hope Series #4)






If you enjoyed the Royal Spyness books by Rhys Bowen, then you need to check out Maggie Hope a.s.a.p.! *In full disclosure, I received an advance copy of book #4 in this series, The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent, to review through NetGalley (at the publisher’s request, I’m waiting to post the full review here and on Goodreads until the book hits stores on July 1st.)* I liked it so much that I immediately went to good old Barnes& on my Nook and bought e-book copies of the first three novels in the series. I absolutely flew through those three books, and I hope MacNeal continues to write this character for a long time!

Set in the early days of WWII, Maggie Hope – a British citizen raised in America – suddenly finds herself at the center of the British war effort. Throughout the series she takes on many different roles, each with a particular purpose in mind, that tax both her mental and physical abilities. Surrounded by interesting characters (some of whom are friends, some of whom are famous, and a few who aren’t what they seem to be) Maggie navigates her way through wartime life and discovers some very surprising family secrets. There’s a little bit of romance, a lot of mystery, and tons of historical detail in each book. While you don’t necessarily need to read the books in numerical order to enjoy them, the plot and character’s relationships makes much more sense if you do (reading the not-yet-released fourth book first actually presented me with a few spoilers from the earlier books, but I still really enjoyed going back and starting the series from the beginning, even though I had an idea of where things were going.)

Fun fact: Barnes and Noble’s listΒ for “people who bought [Mr. Churchill’s Secretary]Β also enjoyed…” includes House of Silk and Death Comes to Pemberley, both of which I read and loved. It also suggests a book called Sydney Chambers and The Shadow of Death, which I think looks great and is now on my to-read list πŸ™‚

P.S. I just saw that there’s a new Royal Spyness book up for pre-order – now that’s on my list too!

Have you had anyΒ great book recommendations lately? Did you read anything I’ve recommended/reviewed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, my lovely readers πŸ™‚



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