Spring Workout Gear

Spring Workout Gear

I thought it was about time for an update on the fitness goodies I’ve been in love with lately. My workouts haven’t really changed much in the last 6 months or so, but the gear I’m using definitely has. These are my fave items for runs with the Horrible Hound and classes at PureBarre. I’ve also used free trials at a few gyms in the area, I’m trying to find one where I feel comfortable that also has a decent selection of machines/weights/classes, and this gear works equally well for trying out circuit training classes, cycling, and other studio-style classes.  I’ve also gone on a few hikes lately with friends, and all I can say is thank goodness I own fitness gear now, because trying to hike in tennis shoes and jeans would have been miserable!

Nike’s CityRun tights/crops are my new obsession. They’re the softest pants ever, they wick sweat like none other, and they hold their shape really well, even over multiple washes. While they’re 3-4x more expensive than the C9 by Champion crops I was wearing this time last year, I think they’re totally worth it. I’ve also purchased several Nike Dry-Fit racerback tanks (usually at Nordstrom Rack or other outlet stores) for running and barre classes and I love that they’re a longer length. The tank shown above is ridiculously soft and I love the print ❤ I saw it in stores while picking up the CityRun tights, and two weeks later decided I had to go back for it. I do still have a lot of Target/C9 brand items too, like the pullover above (I have something similar in about 3 different colors – this winter was so cold I had to buy a couple of extras so I wouldn’t be doing laundry every day!) and this tank, which I think is a good alternative to the standard LuluLemon options.

I still have my Talia tote for days where I’m doing a full gym workout + shower, or a yoga class, but for days where I’m just running to a barre class before or after work, I wanted a bag that was more compact. (Now that I’m out of school the extra padding and laptop compartment of the Talia aren’t as important to have in a bag, and that tote is definitely not compact.) This particular Nike bag not only has a front pocket, it’s vented to allow air flow (which is key for helping sweaty/wet clothes and shoes dry out) and it has a divider in the main compartment of the bag to separate clothes/shoes/toiletries however you want, which I find really handy. I used it to carry water, my basic “purse” essentials (wallet, chap stick, keys) and dog supplies on a shorter hike this weekend, and it worked really well to have the separate compartments! I also have a hot pink SPI belt for when I go running with Abe. Women’s gym clothes generally only have 1 teeny-tiny pocket, and it’s usually not big enough for dog bags and my keys and phone/ipod, but the SPI belt holds it all and stays in place really well.

Finally, but probably most important, I switched from my old, beaten-up running shoes to the Saucony Kinvara 4’s, which have a minimal sole and a small heel-to-toe drop (4 mm). These have been much better on my calves while running (my other shoes were a high 12 mm drop and my calves would hurt when I switched to flats or flip fops that had no drop for the rest of the day.) I got fitted for them at a local running store (Pacers, for those in the DC area – I highly recommend them, their staff is always so nice and knowledgeable!) I let the salesperson know that I was looking primarily for a running shoe, but something that I could also use for some light gym/Crossfit style workouts. I love that they have a thicker sole (unlike my hubby’s Vibrams) but are flexible enough to accommodate my super-wide feet through a wide range of activities. I have the white/coral pair shown above, but I’m already eyeing the grey/teal ones too 🙂

Between barre classes and trying the local gyms, I realized that I needed a sports bra that could take a little more impact while holding me in, and also that I wanted something with minimal fabric in the back (and therefore, more air flow, which is key with DC’s summer weather on the way.) Of all the strappy styles I’ve tried, Moving Comfort’s yoga bra is by far the easiest to get on and I love the minimal back (btw, who knew that less bra fabric = more complicated to get on? I tried the Victoria’s Secret Angel sports bra, and holy cow was that a struggle!) I also picked up a Nike Favorite bra, which is amazingly comfy and will definitely get a lot of use.

Nike Favorites Women's Sports Bra

There’s a new Bikram studio opening just a few blocks from our house in May, and the hubs is interested in trying it out with me (which I found really surprising, but I think it would be fun to go together 🙂 ) The first time I tried Bikram I just brought a standard towel, but those are really bulky to tote around, so I’m thinking I might grab one of the yoga towels like this:

I also bought a pair of fitted shorts a few weeks ago, which I think will be better than the capris I wore last time I tried Bikram… I’m not sure I’m comfortable enough to just rock the Moving Comfort yoga bra and my shorts yet, but thankfully I have a ton of light, sweat-wicking running tanks that should work just fine for hot yoga too.

 Do you all have any favorite gear for Bikram/hot yoga that I should try? What about earbuds? My beloved Skullcandy Fix ones just broke and I’m in the market for a replacement – preferably with a mic and volume control on the cords!

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