Coming Soon – Things I Can’t Wait For!

Hey there my wonderful readers, long time no post! (blushes awkwardly) Whoops.

I’ve been busy reading through many, many books for you, so you might wonder why there haven’t been any new posts recently. Well, most of the books I’ve read over the past 2 months aren’t available to purchase until mid-August or later, and the publishers asked that I hold my reviews until closer to the publication date – which I’m happy to do. I mean, there’s no use tormenting you with books you can’t get, and they’re giving me the books for free, so I’m not going to complain! Instead, I wrote the reviews while they were fresh in my mind and just set a reminder in my calendar for the dates when I want to publish each review.

But, speaking of being tormented with things you can’t have, I thought I’d share with you some of the books and authors I’ve been stalking. There are several books that I check up on just about every week, just so I can make sure to get them ASAP!

Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen

Clariel by Garth Nix -This title should become available on October 14, 2014 and I am literally counting the days. The Old Kingdom series has always been one of my absolute favorites. My copy of Lirael is so battered that the first few chapters have separated from the rest of the book. The only reason that Sabriel isn’t every bit as bad is that I lent it out to someone ages ago (no idea who…) and never got it back, and then I re-purchased it as an ebook when I couldn’t get to a bookstore. I love the series enough that I’m going to buy Clariel in hardcover and I’ll probably repurchase the paperback version of Sabriel too, if I ever run across it. The publisher’s description makes this book sound amazing and is the story of a character who pops up in previous books. I don’t want to give too much away, because if you know who the character is it’s a huge spoiler because you know how they end up! It sounds like Nix has gone in a rather different, interesting direction with this one – I’ll definitely review this as soon as I read it!

Stiletto: A Novel

Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley – This is a sequel to O’Malley’s absolutely awesome debut novel, The Rook, and it’s not due out until February 2015. I may very well die of anticipation before then! Y’all know that I’m going to do anything I can to get an advance copy of this into my hands, but we’re still a long while off from the official publication date, so for now I’m just impatiently waiting. For those who haven’t read The Rook yet, go get yourself a copy. Don’t be put off if you think the publisher’s blurb on it looks a little hokey, or if you’re “not really into sci-fi, supernatural stuff” – just pick it up and read. I forced this on my husband when we were traveling last year when he ran out of things to do. He’s not a big reader, but he finished it quickly and really liked it, and the other day I caught him re-reading it on our porch! (For reference, it’s hard enough to get him to read a book in the first place, I’ve never known him to re-read anything.) In short, highly recommend, and I’m sure the sequel will be every bit as fabulous. I particularly like that O’Malley didn’t keep naming the book(s) with the names of chess pieces/Chequay titles in an attempt to stick very closely to that theme, and from the description and interview’s I’ve read the whole thing is a little bit of a different take on things – to borrow a phrase from fashion, while the titles and styles may not “match” they certainly seem to “go” together. I think it will ultimately make this book and any potential future books much better to establish that flexibility right away, rather than waiting until a theme is played out and trying to fit it into a new plotline where it doesn’t make any sense.


Atlantia by Ally Condie – I’m not stalking this book nearly as hard as the other two, but I read a preview of it on NetGalley and it was really good. I read all three books of Condie’s Matched series (reviews here, here, and here) and while I liked them, the books were a bit predictable and a bit too similar to other things I’ve read – although I have to say, I really enjoyed the ending of that series, as it felt true to the dystopian genre without being too depressing. Atlantia, though, seems like a very original plot line, and it also strikes me as  book that won’t follow the female-teenage-heroine-in-a-love-triangle trope that I’m tired of. This title becomes available on October 28, 2014, so mark your calendars and look for my review!

The Gift of Power by Tamora Pierce – There isn’t a cover or plot synopsis for this title yet, but the expected publication is 2015, and I am a massive Tamora Pierce fan (except for Mastiff… can we just pretend that never happened? YEP. Ok, good.) She’s under contract to do a whole series about Numair, prior to his appearances in the Protector of the Small series or the Wildmage series (and thus, before his relationship with Daine.)

You know what else I can’t wait for?


My first giveaway!

The lovely staff over at St. Martin’s Press gave me a free copy of Murder at the Brightwell to review and asked if I’d like a second copy to give away. Silly question, right?! They offered to run the giveaway, but since this will be my first one, I wanted to throw in a few additional goodies for the winner. This title won’t be released for sale until October 14, 2014, but one lucky winner will get an advance copy as well as a few other little tidbits from yours truly. I’ll be posting a full review of Murder at the Brightwell along with the instructions for the giveaway on August 15th, so make sure you check back and enter!

Here’s a little sneak peek from my Instagram:

What is your favorite giveaway system? I’m leaning towards setting up something with Rafflecopter, but if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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