About Me

I’m a lawyer* by day and a domestic goddess by night – make sure you tell my husband so if you see him! Originally from Iowa, I went to Iowa State University for undergrad, where I got a B.A. in Political Science and a second B.A. in Philosophy. My junior year, I did an internship at a non-profit in Washington, D.C. and immediately knew I wanted to come back to D.C. for law school. In 2009, I did just that and got my J.D. at American University’s Washington College of Law. Now I’m pretending to be a real adult with a job and responsibilities. I work for a government agency on employment law issues. It’s one of the most laid-back offices I’ve ever worked for, but we have crazy amounts of work to do.

I love coffee, wine, cheese, books, cooking and baking, decorating, my hubby and my horrible hound dog (not necessarily in that order 😉 ). Most of those will show up on here frequently.

* Time for a fun disclaimer – I am a lawyer, but I am not your lawyer. Please don’t ask me for legal advice or take anything that I say on this blog as legal advice. Ever. K? Thanks! 

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