House Tour

Because who doesn’t love a good house tour? The hubs and I bought our very first home in October of 2013. Here is what we’re starting with – click on the layout photos for a bigger version. Updates to come as we get settled in and I start some projects!


Street view of our house. A raised rambler, this layout is pretty standard for our area.

First Floor Lower Level

1 - front door

Entryway looking into the upstairs living space, dining room (on left) and kitchen (doorway on right)

7 - formal living from kitchen doorway

Upstairs living space

3 - dining room

Dining Room (for now… muah-hah-ah-ah)

5 - kitchen

Kitchen – I promise, this looks way nicer than it is. The cabinets are weirdly high (they start at my eye level) and the layout leaves much to be desired.

6 - kitchen

Right side of the kitchen (door looks into our main hallway). The green paint is even worse in person.

10 - upstairs full bath

Main floor bathroom. The tiling is crooked (and 90’s tan/beige) and you can see through spots of the blue paint that it was also painted beige before, but it’ll work for now.

11 - master bedrrom

Master bedroom

12 - master half bath and closet

Walk-in closet and half bath on the other side of the master bathroom (aaah, those 70’s vanities in the bedroom!)

13 - master half bath

Because who doesn’t love a sink and carpeting in their bedroom?

17 - basement licing room

Main living area in the basement – we have a fireplace! And a [really crooked] mantel πŸ™‚

16 - basement

Other side of the basement living room, with doors to the backyard. Note the blue paint. It’s almost neon in person. Like sky blue on acid.

18 - basement full bath

Basement full bath, complete with grey-ish blue and red paint. Yikes. This one’s gonna need some primer to cover.

19 - my office

My home office πŸ™‚ The former owners left me lots of uneven, unsanded spackle and some extra divots in the drywall, but I can’t wait to clean this space up!

20 - Phil's office

The hubs’ office and “man-cave.” Really dark grey-blue again, and the wal just out of frame on the right is actually blood red. More primer!

21- Phil's office and storage closet

The other side of the hubs’ man cave

22 - laundry and utility room

Laundry/utility room. Not fully drywalled, so I’m not sure what we’ll do with this.

23 - laundry and utility room

Other side of the laundry/utility room

25 - yard

We have an awesome backyard with a fire pit, but there are a few areas that need work, and I want to put in raised garden beds in the spring.


Our covered porch is unfortunately at the end of its life and will have to come down soon.

27 - old screened porch

As least this winter we’ll be able to enjoy the lovely fake-grass carpet…


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