My Favorites

I have many Pinterest boards: for blog-inspiration, for our home, for fashion, for cool random things I come across on the internet, and of course, a board dedicated to all things dog-related. Abe is still waiting for me to test out some of those homemade dog treat recipes I’ve pinned.


For an idea of what items we have around our home, check out my Pinterest board here:


For fashion, I have a Pinterest board with some of the things that are already in my closet:


My current wishlist (which changes frequently) can be found here:


And last but certainly not least, for the “Barks” in “Barks and Baking” the puppy board:


* This is where I have to add my fun disclaimer – I am not sponsored by or receiving any benefits from Pinterest or any of the companies that market the items shown on my Pinterest boards – I simply love their products, and this is a great way to showcase my personal style. If at any point I receive a sponsorship or goodies from any company mentioned on the blog, I’ll let you know πŸ™‚


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