The Horrible Hound

Abe 2

Meet Abe, a.k.a. the Horrible Hound, a.k.a. Abel. He puts the “Barks” in “Barks and Baking.”

If you’ve never heard a hound dog bark/howl/bay, you’re missing out. It’s hilarious. And reaaaaaaally loud.

hound dog

We rescued Abe from an animal shelter in early November 2012. He was found wandering around in the woods somewhere in West Virginia, and when no one claimed him, Abe was sent to a rescue close to D.C. where there are lots of potential adopters. Since we rescued/adopted, we can’t be 100% sure, but we think he is a purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound and was about 4 years old when we got him. The breed was just recently accepted into the AKC, and he looks exactly like the show-dogs, so it’s unlikely that he’s a mix with anything.

Look at how skinny he was! So bony :-(

Look at how skinny he was! So bony 😦

He was super skinny and underweight when we got him, but we’ve worked on that and now he’s happy, healthy, and getting up to all sorts of mischief. Β Abe’s favorite things are going on walks or runs,Β going to the dog park to play fetch and chase other dogs, cuddling with us, and food.

dog park hound

At the dog park – the one closest to us is mainly wood chips and dirt, but it’s big enough for lots of running. The hound smile makes me happy whenever I see this pic.

Outdoor hound


Skinny hound 2

Chillin’ at home with his bed and his (stuffed) raccoon.




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